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By going to our Registration form HERE.

You will need to submit your child’s details and some clear photos (no filters or selfies!).

Due to Child Welfare travel time restrictions we will not accept applications from talent who reside more than 90 minutes from the CBD.


A child can only be with one agency at a time. Empire Kids recommends that your child remain with us for at least one year from the time of enrolment to ensure that you have given enough time for your child to be properly promoted. However, if you wish to try another agency you must inform us in writing so we can delete your child from our files.

We represent babies from 3months through to teenagers of 16 years old.

We also add real family members to a child’s profile for any real family booking requests that come in.

We submit talent for all aspects of media and advertising:

  • Modelling (catalogues, runway, advertising, fit modelling)
  • TV commercials
  • Feature films
  • TV series
  • Voice over and radio
  • Theatre and stage production
Your child will only be submitted for work that he/she is suitable for. Once again, it is ultimately the client’s decision as to whom they’ll choose for their campaign.

We are unable to guarantee work as our clients make the ultimate decision as to whom they wish to book.

We only represent children who we believe have a good chance of obtaining work in the industry. It is our role to ensure that your child is put forward for all work he/she is suitable for.

Most of our assignments are scheduled during normal working hours, Monday to Friday.

The majority of work is located in studios close to the CBD areas of each capital city. Some jobs do take place on weekends but this is a rare occurrence.

Please be aware that most work takes place during school hours and you must be 100% comfortable with this.

Flexibility and availability is essential to participate in the industry.

All work must adhere to Child Welfare Regulations which vary in each state.

Due to Child Welfare travel time restrictions we will not accept applications from talent who reside more than 90 minutes from the CBD.

Safety and Privacy are of the utmost importance to us. We do not outsource any data entry or administration duties.

The Empire Kids website is password protected and each child has their own unique Username and Password.

At no time do we give out your private information unless requested by the client for the process of confirmed work.

Child Welfare Regulations require that we notify the client of your child’s Medical status and provide School Exemption forms where applicable.

Rates are dependent on the job, role and exposure of the final product. Generally, photographic and catalogue work starts at around $100 p/hour, while TV commercials, TV series and feature films can start from $20 an hour and move into the thousands. In some cases loading and renewal fees may apply.

The Empire Kids deducts between 10%-20% commission plus GST from all work obtained.

There is no need to obtain a TFN unless you are specifically instructed to do so. On occasions we need to send Tax File Declarations to our clients however a TFN is not needed for this form for persons under 16.

The Empire Kids is not your employer but merely acts as your agent.

Via text.

You’ll receive an SMS to check availability. Once you’ve confirmed if you’re available, a CASTING CALL or AUDITION will continue to be discussed over text message – with all relevant information + location to be sent to you, along with an allocated time slot.

If you are successfully booked for a job, the discussion will move to email.

You will receive a Booking Confirmation with all relevant information on the Job including Location, Time, Pay Rates, and Map.


We don’t expect that a 15min interview will provide an accurate assessment of your child.

We trust that you, as the child’s caregiver, will know if your child is suitable to handle the demands of the industry.


We are one of the very few children’s agencies that does not charge upfront fees.

There is an small admin fee that comes out of your first paying job over $500. This covers the cost of getting you set up on all our relevant systems and also getting your comp card organised.

If we are unable to secure a booking for you during your representation with Empire Kids, then you don’t pay anything.


While we organise photoshoot days throughout the year (and it is definitely recommended), it is without obligation.

Professional images are always best, but we can also provide detailed instructions on how to manage good images using your own smartphone.

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